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  1. jgina2061 November 21, 2017 at 6:19 pm Permalink

    Would like say this colon cleanse saved my life. I made some beans and used smoked turkey necks to season and did look at the sodium intake which was really high. And I had been eating over a month different beans but I kept putting two smoked turkey neck not reading the label. More concerned about the taste. Then a friend some what about the sodium in the smoked turkey necks. When I look at that it was to late. My pressure was so high I could have had a stroke. And all I could taste on my lips was salt. I didn’t want to go to the doctors and get a pill that’s just going to cover up my system or destroy my organs. So I took the colon cleansing pills which took everything out of my system. And my blood pressure went down to 127/72. I Use to go and get colonics every three weeks and paid hundreds of dollars and I get the same thing with just one pill.

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      Jigna thank you so much for your comment. put smiles on my face. as soon as we started getting good comments on our site. we got bombarded with 100 spams daily from porn sites and all i could do over the last year was to just delete every comment. i had just pressed delete and scrolled down and saw you post before it deleted. Made my day

      Stay well and stay happy


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