20 more herbal remedies and best colon cleanse for wellness and weight loss

20 more herbal remedies and best colon cleanse

Osanyin are makers of herbal remedies Our products line includes a 12 hour colon cleansers with  massive weight loss benefits, blood purifier, diabetes, hypertension and many more natural remedies that are clinically proven to be highly effective and safe. All our herbal remedies are design for personal usage and for Health Care Practitioners who employ natural alternative herbal programs.

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Honeys pollinate the world with good and positive energy. Please help us save the HONEY BEES

Honeys pollinate the world with good and positive energy. Please help us save the HONEY BEES

A good intensive colon cleanse is probably the absolute best thing that you can do for your health and wellness. There is ample information on the benefits of well-maintained colon on the internet and it is probably the most written about health and wellness subject online.

There are many who say that you do not need to pay any special attention to your colon because as a huge part of this miraculous mechanism of our body, the colon cleanses itself naturally. Yes this is naturally true. The problem however is that our body is no longer functions naturally. otherwise deceases and illnesses would not be wrecking havoc on us.

Before Imhotep great physician of the 3rd Egyptian (Kemit) dynasty expounded his theory of relationship between an unhealthy colon and a sick person: Pr-dynastic Egyptian physicians held strong to the belief that the death of body begins in the gut. This was almost 5 thousand years ago when nobody could have envisaged the madness of GMO. The eating processed food with all the added poisons and contamination through packaging. The scale on which we consume animal flesh. The condition that these animals are reared and live their very short lived lives until they are slaughtered.

The direct poisoning of our food through artificial fertilizers, pesticides and other  chemicals that are sprayed on it or worse still. The poisoning of our planet on such scale that it is probably better to belief the lie that it is not bad.

If natural 5000 years ago recommended that the colons function should be strengthened and cleansed with the aids of plant and mineral remedies. How much more is that recommendation relevant to 2017  with all poisonous and toxic crap that we call organic produce. Please don’t get offended, I am an organic plant farmer and i taste the difference between what I plant and label as  organic food today and the unlabelled food from 50 years ago. If it grows on the soil. If the wind blows on it. If it rains on it, then it probably has an unnatural level of toxicity. Think chemtrails. think geoengineering. what from hell are they spraying on our foods

Could you with the aid of colon cleansing, smart diet and wise living ways, clean out the toxins that is wrenching havoc on your health and in so doing clear out your medicine cabinet. I say somewhat, yeah. because i have done it and know too many that have done so. Our bodies are different and respond uniquely to situations. Please research you personal situation properly and seek educated advice were necessary always keeping in mind that educated advice and certificated advice do not necessarily imply the same thing.

Here is a question that i get asked all the time.

Question? will doing a colon help me lose weight?

My Answer.  Yes a colon cleanse will help kick start your weight loss and you will lose more weight in a shorter time than if you spend half your days exercising or went on the most punishing diet for weeks. Yes your energy level will climb through the roof, your skin will look radiant, a colon cleanse will make your digestive system function more effectively,  prevent constipation, increase the body’s  absorption of minerals and nutrients. Decrease the risk of colon cancer, increase concentration and much more.  But much much more  importantly, it will eliminate excessive mucus from the body. Yes it will eliminate the killer slims that poison the body. Mucus.

As a very thin film that protects our organs, mucus function magnificently to destroy viruses and bacteria, prevents water loss, lubricate the movement of materials, and protect surfaces from damage. However the reality is that many of us are walking around with buckets load of excess mucus that impedes and prevents the body’s ability to absorb vitamin and nutrients, while at the same time being a magnet that toxins and harmful materials attach to, from where they slowly slips in and poison our organs

Atunbi colon cleanse removes mucus from the body as easily as wind blows away dandelion.. leaving colon cleansed

Atunbi colon cleanse removes mucus from the body as easily as wind blows away dandelion.. leaving colon cleansed

ATUNBI Colon cleanse is the cleanser of choice for most people familiar with it because it completely gets rid of excessive mucus from the body, leaving a clean film of mucus that is intended to protect your organs.

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